990+ Supreme Rajput Quotes

Introduction: Rajputs are known for bravery, valor, and chivalry, with a rich cultural heritage that contributed greatly to India’s history. Firstly, these quotes inspire and motivate those who aspire to live like a true Rajput, and not just Rajputs but also people who admire their way of life. This article shares the most famous and inspiring Rajput quotes.

Secondly, Rajput quotes are a great way to find them. Rajput quotes are famous for their bravery, courage, and attitude towards life. Whether you’re a Rajput girl or boy, you’ll find something that resonates with you.

Finally, you can find here Rajput quotes in Hindi, Urdu, and English – from famous Rajput quotes to funny quotes on Rajput, covering a range of emotions and moods. Furthermore, there are plenty of Rajput quotes for Facebook that will get you the attention you deserve. In addition, you can find quotes about Rajput girls and boys, which highlight their strength and grace.

Rajput Quotes In Hindi

Discover famous Rajput quotes in Hindi that reflect the spirit and pride of the Rajputs. These quotes on Rajput attitude in Hindi are a perfect blend of wisdom, courage, and valor. Be inspired by heroic Rajput peoples and uplift your spirit with the best Rajput quotes in Hindi.

“हम राजपूत बहादुर होते हैं, जीत हमेशा हमारी होती है।” –
“हम राजपूत शहादत के साथ जीते हैं।” –
“जो राजपूत होता है, उसकी हमेशा संतान होती है।” –
“हम राजपूत अपने वचनों पर खड़े रहते हैं, चाहे जो भी हो जाए।” –
“राजपूत समाज अपने सम्मान के लिए जान भी दे सकता है।” –
“हम राजपूत अपनी संस्कृति का गर्व करते हैं और इसे सदा के लिए संजोते हैं।” –
“जो राजपूत होता है, वह बदलते समय के साथ नहीं, अपनी परंपराओं के साथ चलता है।” –
“हम राजपूत धर्म के लिए जान भी दे सकते हैं, अपने धर्म का अपमान नहीं कर सकते।” –

Famous Rajput Quotes In Hindi

“शेर की खाल में छिपे हुए राजपूत कोई भी होता हैं, बन्दरियों की तरह नहीं होते।”
“अपनी इज्ज़त को बचाने के लिए राजपूत तलवार से खेलते हैं।
“हम राजपूत, बल, शौर्य, वीरता और आदर्शों का परिचय हैं।”
“राजपूत अपनी इज्ज़त के लिए नहीं बल्कि उसके लिए लड़ते हैं जिसके लिए उनकी इज्ज़त खतरे में होती है।”
“जब तक सूरज चाँद रहेगा, राजपूत नहीं बंद होंगे।”

Rajput Quotes Hindi

“राजपूत का सैन्य तलवार से नहीं, अपनी इच्छाशक्ति से लड़ता है।
“जहां राजपूत होते हैं, वहां सम्मान होता है।”
“राजपूत एक ऐसा जाति है जो अपनी इज्ज़त खुद तैयार करती है।”
“राजपूत होना एक गर्व की बात होती है, जो खुद को जान से भी बड़ा समझता है।” –
“हम राजपूत हैं, इससे बड़ा कुछ नहीं हो सकता।” –

Rajput Quotes In Urdu


Funny Quotes On Rajputs

Ek Rajput bhai Ka Raat Ko Cigarette Penay Ko Dil Cahaa
Har Taraf Machis Dondye Per Kahi Nahi Mili
Akhir Ma Na Umeed Ho Kar Moom Bati Buja Kay So Gaya
Bay Chara

Waiter : 10 Rupees Tip Tu Meri Insult He
Rajput : Tu Phir?
Waiter : 20 Rupees Tu Dey
Rajput : Nahi Yaar, Hum Tumhara Double Insult Nahi Kar Sakta

Larki : Tum Mare Sapno Me, Khuabo Me, Jazbato Me Rahtay Ho
Rajput : Baji Tum Ko Kisi Nay Bawaqoof Banya He, Hum Tu Peshawer Me Rahta Hey

Sardar : Yaar Ajj Muja Ajeeb Message Aya
Or Mara Mobile Off Ho Gaya
Rajput : Asa Kon Sa Message Tha?
Sardar : Bettery Low
Rajput : Send Kar Sab ko Tang Kartay Hein

Rajput : Ek Kilo Bhanse Ka Doodh Day Do
Dhood Wala : Tumhara Barthan Chota Ha
Rajput : Oo ! Shit Yaar
Acha Chalo Bakri Ka Da Do

Rajput Quotes In English

Firstly, Rajput quotes in English capture the essence of their chivalry and bravery. Secondly, these quotes inspire and motivate, reflecting their strong attitude. In Addition, famous Rajput quotes in English are available on beautiful wallpapers, adding a touch of royal elegance to your device. Choose from a variety of royal Rajput quotes in English and feel empowered and proud.

“Better to die than live like a coward.” – Maharana Pratap
“It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” – Rana Sanga
“To forgive the oppressor is to give him the opportunity to oppress again.” – Rani Padmini
“The sword is the soul of a warrior, and the honor of his clan.” – Rajputs proverb
“The true warrior is one who conquers himself.” – Maharaja Ranjit Singh
“A man who is not courageous enough to take risks will never accomplish anything in life.” – Jaimal Rathore
“It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.” – Rana Pratap
“The first lesson of warfare is to know one’s enemy.” – Rana Kumbha
“Let us live with honor or let us die with honor.” – Rana Hammir
“A true Rajput never begs, he conquers.” – Rajputs proverb

Rajput Attitude Quotes

Rajput attitude quotes depict the pride and honor of the Rajput community. They are perfect for showcasing a fearless attitude towards life. Moreover, these quotes are ideal for Rajput boys and girls to embrace their heritage.

Quotes On Rajput Attitude

  1. “Rajput kabhi apna farz nahi bhoolta, maut ke muh se bhi.” – Maharana Pratap
  2. “Rajput kabhi haar nahi maanta, woh jeet ta hai ya marta hai.” – Man Singh I
  3. “Rajput ki zindagi talwar ki tarah hoti hai, jhuk sakti hai magar toot nahi sakti.” – Unknown
  4. “Rajput janwar ki tarah ladta hai aur marne ke liye tayar rehta hai.” – Unknown
  5. “Rajput kisi challenge se piche nahi hat’ta, woh uska samna karta hai seedha muqabla karta hai.” – Unknown
  6. “Rajput bahaduri, himmat aur qurbani ko sabse ooncha darja dete hai.” – Unknown
  7. “Rajput ki izzat uske zindagi se bhi zyada ehmiyat rakhti hai.” – Unknown
  8. “Rajput reham nahi mangta, woh reham deta hai.” – Unknown
  9. “Rajput ki baat uski aukaat se badi hoti hai, woh kabhi wada nahi toodta.” – Unknown
  10. “Rajput tadaad mein kam ho sakte hai, lekin kabhi haar nahi maante.” – Unknown

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Rajput Girl Quotes

Rajput girl quotes celebrate the strength and beauty of women from the Rajput community. Additionally, these inspiring quotes remind Rajput women to be proud of their heritage and embrace their courage, dignity, and grace.

“Rajput girls are like roses, beautiful yet fierce.” –
“A Rajput girl’s strength lies in her dignity and courage.” –
“Rajput girls are raised to be warriors, not princesses.” –
“Rajput girls don’t just dream, they make them a reality.” –
“A Rajput girl’s loyalty is unwavering, just like her spirit.” –
“Rajput girls are not afraid to break the rules and pave their own path.” –
“A Rajput girl’s beauty is not just skin deep, it’s in her heart and soul.” –
“Rajput girls are like fire, they burn bright and never dim.” –
“A Rajput girl’s honor is sacred, she will fight to protect it.” –
“The Rajput girls are not just princesses, they are queens in their own right.” –

Rajput Bravery Quotes

Rajput warriors have been known for their bravery, valor, and courage throughout history. Their legacy of fighting for their honor and protecting their kingdom is legendary. In Addition, here are some inspiring bravery quotes that pay tribute to their spirit and valor.

“Rajput bravery is like a lion’s roar, it echoes for generations.”
“Rajputs don’t fear death, they embrace it with open arms.”
“A Rajput’s courage is not measured by his size, but by the strength of his heart.”
“Rajput bravery is not just about physical strength, it’s about mental fortitude as well.”
“A Rajput’s bravery lies in his unwavering determination to protect his honor and his people.”

Rajput Warrior Quotes

“A Rajput warrior never retreats, he fights till his last breath.”
“The sword of a Rajput warrior is not just a weapon, it’s an extension of his soul.”
“Rajput warriors are not born, they are made through courage and sacrifice.”
“A Rajput warrior’s honor is his most prized possession, he will die defending it.”
“Rajput warriors are not afraid to face death, for they believe in the immortality of their spirit.”

Rajput Quotes For Facebook

If you’re a Rajput and looking for some inspiring quotes to share on Facebook, here are some that capture the essence of the your community and their rich cultural heritage:

“Being a Rajput is not just a heritage, it’s a way of life.”
“Proud to be a Rajput, for we are a community of warriors and heroes.”
“Our Rajput traditions and values inspire us to be better humans every day.”
“A Rajput’s honor is his most prized possession, and he will defend it with his life.”
“The Rajput sword is not just a weapon, it’s a symbol of our strength and determination.”
“We are Rajputs, a community of power, grace, and elegance.”
“Being a Rajput is not about being better than others, it’s about being the best version of ourselves.”
“The Rajput legacy of bravery, valor, and honor continues to inspire us today.”
“A true Rajput never forgets his roots, for they are the foundation of his strength and pride.”
“Being a Rajput is not just about our past, it’s about the values we uphold today and for generations to come.”

Rajput Famous Quotes

Rajputs are known for their valor and cultural heritage. Furthermore, here are some famous quotes about the Rajput legacy that continue to inspire us.

“Rajputi shaan hai mardaangi” –
“Jeet bohot zaroori hai” –
“Ek hi nara, ek hi naam, Jai Rajputana” –
“Apna dharm, apni nishtha” –
“Rajput ka khoon, kabhi na thamne wala” –

Proud To Be Rajput Quotes

“Rajput by blood.”
“Born Rajput warrior.”
“Rajput pride forever.”
“Rajput never bows.”
“Pure Rajput blood runs.”

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